About Us

One of the greatest impediments to the survival of black-owned businesses is a lack of access to capital. Black Crowd Funders is an online platform designed to help individuals and businesses raise the money they need to fulfill their economic dreams.

By coming together with other like-minded individuals who share a collective vision, Black Crowd Funders encourages those with great ideas to share these ideas with individuals and organizations who wish to fund them. Economic development within the black community is the next step in the civil rights mSMALLERshutterstock_269463158ovement, and we’re hoping to play our part.

What is Black Crowd Funders?

Black Crowd Funders is an online platform designed to raise capital for businesses in the black community. By connecting those with good ideas with others who are willing to support them, we can help make dreams come true.

This company is the result of The Black Wealth Bootcamp, an initiative created by Finance Ph.D. Dr. Boyce Watkins to spur economic development in the African American community. The crowd-funding on this platform is rewards-based with a focus on black-owned businesses, with the long-term objective of increasing the number of sustainable institutions within black communities all around the world.

In other words, we want to help you secure your economic freedom.