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As a computer science and marketing student in college I have always been fascinated about how both professions can help people attain financial independence. In 2004 Facebook changed the world my junior year of college and I promised myself to one day make an impact with software that would change the social media landscape. Unfortunately for me the real world happened and in 2006 after graduating I became a data analyst for Morgan Stanley. Though I had the fire of an entrepreneur all through college , student loans and bills had made me into my parents. I was going to work day after day looking at my 401K and leading a sedentary life. Then the stock market crash of 2008 happened and I lost everything including my job. I had to move back in with my parents as well as get part time Jobs that my degree was useless in. I then decided that no matter what it took I would get back my entrepreneurial spirit and create an app that would change the world like facebook. For the next 10 years I worked to pay of my debts as well as research and come up with an idea. Finally in 2012 a brief conversation with a college friend who had gone into the music industry and had lost his music masters and money gave me a unique idea . I could create an App for the independent musician that incorporates all the facets to make them their own record company. From selling music, merchandise and show tickets all in one place. The idea was that an artist with 100 thousand fans can make a living doing what they loved without compromising their music. This is FoxFeed, an integrated music world that combines apple music store, amazon merchandise purchasing and live nation all in a one stop shop. An independent artist can have the complete freedom to manage their entire business with the apps help and keep all their money.
I learned in 2008 that the only job that is guaranteed is the one you give yourself. I am hoping to develop this ground breaking app that will give the freedom an independence for artist around the world .

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