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My name is Jami Khabir. I am an author of the best selling (between 2011 and 2015) ebook series known as "How to Rhyme" on amazon.com. I have 5 books in total but 4 are currently being sold. I am an artist and student of the skill. I have been doing conscious moral rap and poetry for many years. I was offered a career in song writing from a record company before but turned it down. I'm interested in raising money to bring these books to print for stores everywhere as well as making an online rap curriculum which teaches all levels of rap skill (from fast rapping like rapper Tech 9 to slow metaphor, simile, and punchline rapping like Lil Wayne for people of all ages but particularly for young people for bringing back that original positive moral and conscious content in songs. As indicated in my books, my rap curriculum will emphasize getting an education or trade first before delving into rap (for younger aspiring artists) due to the extensiveness of the information which is taught in my curriculum and the necessity of mastery over ones self and responsibilities before the typical slack lifestyle of MOST masters of artistic self expression.

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