How it Works

An individual has an idea, business, product, or service that they would like to bring to the market, but need financing. They bring their concept to Black Crowdfunders to present for financial backing by creating a project.

If you have an idea, business, product, or service that you would like to bring to the market, but it needs financing, you bring your concept to Black Crowdfunders to present for financial backing.

A good deal of brainstorming goes into each project launched on Black Crowdfunders, exploring the best way to organize and communicate a successful crowdfunding campaign. This includes the project pages, promotional video and what rewards will be offered to backers. Once project creators set a project funding goal and deadline, they can launch their project on the site and share it with their network and community.

If people (the crowd in our community) like what they see, they have the opportunity to support the project by making financial pledges to back the project. In return for their pledges, backers will receive rewards designated by the project creator, based on the amount pledged.

Black Crowdfunders is a flexible funding platform, releasing all funds raised to each project creator, whether or not the project reached its goal. While we wish that every project will succeed, we don’t penalize those those that come up short by giving them nothing. For those who run a victorious campaign, all funds will be distributed to the project creator when the time expires. Therefore, all backers’ credit/debt cards are charged at the time of pledging.

Every project on Black Crowdfunders must have a clear goal, like making an album, publishing a book, or producing a work of art. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced as a result.

The project creators are solely responsible for promoting, sharing, getting backers to pledge money to the crowdfunding campaign, and fulfilling rewards after funding.

Most backers rally around their friends’ projects, while some support new efforts by someone they’ve long admired. Others are just inspired by a new idea or are motivated to pledge based on a project’s rewards.

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