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Linto is a social networking service that differs from existing networks through how the information is shared and viewed by users. The look and feel of the site, as well as the manner in which users interact with posts, is completely new and functionally easy to get used to.  Additionally, there is a feature called, Liv's BlackList, which displays a Top Ten list of book recommendations for your reading pleasure. The list is totally interactive, and each user has a say in the ordering of the list. This provides a place for book readers who would like to find recommendations for books written by African Americans authors, for instance, to them very easily.

Upon signing up for Linto, here are some of the cool things users will be able to do:

- Submit their very own book recommendation.
- Cast a vote for a book they like so that it moves higher up the list.
- Post reactions to books they've read.
- Interact with others members.
- Rate a book to let other people know whether or not they liked it.
- And much more ...