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Did you know that Black people have 1.1 trillion dollars of buying power in the US alone and even more across the diaspora?  Yes, that's trillion with a capital "T"!!!  Is your community seeing any of that money?  Are the schools in your community seeing any of that money?bws16

Supporting and starting Black owned businesses in the Black community is the critical mandate of the 21st century.  In a country that has shown time and time again they cannot economically sustain us we can no longer afford to live in a state with people that do not have our best interest as a priority.  How can you help economically sustain your community?  Donate to Black Wall Street International.

One of the fundamental rules of economic empowerment is to take care of your own.  Other people form coalitions which are almost like economic gangs where they take care of their own.  The Armenians and Iranians when they come to the US they take care of their own.  The Jews in the US they take care of their own.  The Arabs and the Chinese they take care of their own.  If you opened a business in any of these people's neighborhoods they will not buy from you.  If you go in their businesses looking for a job they will not hire you before they hire their own.  How can you help take care of your own? Donate to Black Wall Street International.

It is YOUR money that sustains other people's businesses.  It is YOUR money sending their kids to private and ivy league schools. It is YOUR money paying for their luxury vehicles and mansions.  Can you afford to pay for private school for your children?  Where is your luxury vehicle?  Where is your mansion?  These people survive by keeping their economic foot on your money - the money you could be using to build a great future for you and your family.  This is an economic game and we have not played at all.  We have sat back and allowed other people to prosper off of our blood, sweat and tears while we make little to no economic progress within our own communities. How can you help your community make economic progress? Support and Donate to Black Wall Street International.


Black Wall Street International will strategically be used to:

  • Consolidate Black buying power at a regional level across the world.
  • Bounce Black Dollars 3-5 times in the Black community globally.
  • Increase Black business patronage by Black people worldwide.
  • Create and sustain Black economic freedom and power universally.
  • Educate and promote entrepreneurship in the Black community internationally.
  • Connect Black businesses with their consumers directly and vice versa.
  • Support and provide seed money to new Black businesses.
  • Provide scholarships for Black youth to further their education.
  • Educate and support building generational wealth for Black families.
  • Reinvest generated revenue back into Black communities.

Black Wall Street International will provide:

  • A Black owned business directory website and mobile application to allow consumers to search for, find and patronize Black owned businesses in their resident locations, while on vacation or on business travel.
  • An educational portal for both business owners and consumers that will provide access to entrepreneurial, empowerment,  and e-book resources as well as webinars centered around business, building generational wealth and financial literacy for the international Black community.
  • An events creation and locator to provide access to events that promote, empower and support the international Black community, culture and education.
  • A job portal to identify and locate Black owned businesses that have employment opportunities.
  • Consumer events geared toward promoting and supporting Black owned businesses.
  • Quarterly webinars for business owners from business consultants.

  Support the Economic Center for Black Financial Freedom!

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Together we are unstoppable!!!


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