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By Cupcakes N Desserts

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I have always had a love for dessert and all things pretty! As a young child I’d spend weekends baking cakes and pies with one of my cousins. Eventually that interest evolved into assisting another cousin that was a professional baker, with wedding cakes.

I’ve spent a number of years in the office environment, but have always wanted to start a business of my own.  I just wasn’t sure what type. In 2011, my husband who is also an artist, enrolled me in a cake decorating class as a birthday gift. He was tired of me watching the tv show Cupcake Wars.  He’d watch it with me, and the entire time I’d be saying.” I can do that”…so called me to task.  About a year later, I wound up collaborating with yet another cousin, baking and decorating cakes and this is what gave birth to what is now known as Cupcakes ‘N’ Desserts!

My husband and I can both be called artists. He’s been exploring his talents as a Singer, Song Writer, Rapper and Visual Artist. He’s always encouraged me to explore my talents for as long as I’ve known him. Once the business began to gradually grow, I asked him to design a logo for Cupcakes N Desserts, it’s the logo you see now. I love it, it’s classic.

My cousin, who was primarily the baker of the business decided to move on to another business venture. As the demand for cakes became consistent, I got a call out of the blue about another opportunity. My aunt knew a Florist that needed an assistant, that was willing to work for free training.  This reminded me of another childhood fantasy.  I used to want to be a Florist too!.  Working with the florist for the past year, the idea to merge my two favorite things into a one stop shop blossomed! (No pun intended).

The demand for CND has been consistent and has gradually increased over the 4 years. I've managed to invest in the business, and get orders through word of mouth and facebook exclusively. I strongly believe with the right funding  with the help of my Husband, I could start something wonderful for our family, friends and generations to come. I imagine the return on this business  could be if I were able to invest more time.

Right now, I work 40 hours a week in an office doing business administration,. It’s what most would call a GREAT job considering I didn’t complete college.  My many administrative assistant jobs have prepared me with experience to maintain and run a business, so I am grateful for that. but I’m very ready to stop doing this for other people.

My husband is a trained cook that works part time, but has pitched in with baking when he’s not Acting, Singing, or Rapping. We really believe this business can take off and we are both ready and committed to building for ourselves. I've hesitated in leaving my job because we have three kids to support.

With a good financial jump start. I will able to leave my current job, and dive head first into Cupcakes, Desserts & Flowers! I know of some small spaces I could rent for under $500 a month. It would be where I would meet clients to pick up orders or make appointments to place orders for cakes and flowers. Ideally business would pick up to where we could hire family and friends to bake and deliver cakes and flowers to events. Additionally, I have event planners, videographers and photographers  on standby to assist clients if/when needed.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your potential donation!


Maia Griffin

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