Does Pretty Hurt

By FourLynn Films

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Living in a post women's lib era, there is no shortage of dialogue being exchanged regarding women’s/gender rights & equality, however, are we

being mindful about efforts being made in order to repair the breakdown amongst women-to-women relations? The issues that are rooted within

our own gender?

We are making this film because there has come a time, unfortunately, where women are at an all time high of not only being oppressed,

ridiculed and violated, but they are self inflicting these very things onto; not only themselves, but other women. We are living in a society where

young women, especially young girls, are viewing not only unrealistic and unhealthy images of themselves as women or girls but are actively

deciding to conduct themselves in a manner that is not conducive to their emotional health and well being.

The state of women is broken, there has never been such a celebration of being a "mean girl" or being "Ratchet" and "Bout that life" or

acceptance of vilifying other women, until now. We have reached a peak in the increase of the girl-on girl violence. You can take an innocent

swipe down any social media platform and see a myriad of comments from women, about other women in a negative and hurtful manner or

engaging in a "twitter" or "Snap" beef etc. It's not uncommon to over hear a conversation where a woman is not only gossiping about another

woman, but excited about the misfortune of that woman.

There is an extreme lack of sisterhood.  This film is needed now. It is imperative that we complete this film, Our rationale is simple: If you a

woman and you are concerned about your daughter and how she is being treated and the state of the society in which she is being raised, if you

are concerned with yourself as well as your own personal relationships with other women in any capacity, whether it be friends, family,

acquaintances, associates, classmates, business relationships or with co-workers. This film is for you. The state of the relations of women to

women and the lack of connection in those relationships are broken. We aim to explore the root of these issues, evoke a meaningful conversation

and plant the seeds to begin the healing process.

Funding raised through Black Crowdfunders will assist us to complete production, hire additional key staff, purchase equipment plus travel,

film festival admission fees and marketing and promotion of the film.

Any and All forms of support are welcomed and very much appreciated. Even if you cannot contribute monetarily.

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Thanks again your love and support!

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