FoxFeed Music App

By BMGnation

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FOXFEED : ”feed your music addiction”

What is FoxFeed App and website ?

Foxfeed is an app and website that allows artists to upload their music, videos  and podcasts or live shows enabling their fans to stream and or purchase it. They are also able to sell tickets to their shows through the app as well as merchandise through their personalized shop store.

Foxfeed will have a user interface similar to Pandora app.  All icons with radio or station at the end should be replaced by feed e.x  “share station” should be “share feed”

Artists will be able to upload through the website and app similar to soundcloud (app/site) .

Allow users and artist sign in through twitter , facebook. Artists can add bank information on profile to receive donations or money from purchases.  There must be two sign in categories for artists and regular fan users .  Artist sign ups must use their business incorporated information in order to upload content. Normal users just sign up normally like Pandora or other similar apps.

The Project FAQs

similar to pandora but better . (can have a music streaming, podcast ,music video streaming or live shows)

you own content you upload similar to pheed app where foxfeed copyrights your content for you as a service under your company name.

Have an instagram, facebbok and twitter configuration where fans can take pics and video at live events to upload to their profile on foxfeed and other social media sites simultaneously by sharing experience.

Add social media aspect for fans of same artist to be able to connect and add buddies, invite friends from other social media platforms and to chat and meet up with foxFriends similar to (Bartrendr App).

there should be  a DJ section where you can load music from the app or your computer/phone

to use your phone, laptop or ipad to DJ through app and record it live to upload to your account.

Producer tab that does similar things where you can make beats right through app and upload.