Help My Small Business Expand!

By Perfectly Unaltered Radiant Essentials

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I'm raising money to open a store location. My business is dedicated to providing natural plant and fruit based products for total wellness. We sell specialty products for people with various conditions including eczema, acne, psoriasis, balding, stretch marks, aging skin and etc. We sell items on many platforms online (website, ebay, etsy, etc) and we rent a local booth at the PX in Fort Leonard Wood, MO (I am an Army wife). Where we live there aren't many beauty supply stores or opportunities for growth.  We would like to expand and help others like us grow.

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The Project FAQs

Who are you? My name is Khadijah Preciado and I am the founder of Perfectly Unaltered Radiant Essentials. We are a small black woman owned business in FLW, MO. I am also an Army Wife!

What do you need the money for? I aspire to open my own store to sell my items locally. I envision a family environment with lots of vibrant color and smiling faces. I will need lots of shelf space because I have over 40 products (my best seller being my Hair Growth oil) and I'm always adding new things! I make everything by hand, mostly with fresh ingredients, so a big kitchen area is a must.

If we help you, will you help others? One of the main things I want to do is help others succeed. I plan to invest in other small businesses, whether it by with advice, connections or monetary. I would also like to give back to the community I grew up in (Springfield Gardens, NY) as well as lower income neighborhoods where I can make a difference.