Moral Rap Skills for the Youth

By RhymeGlow LLC

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I am trying to build an interactive website which hosts instructional videos on rhyming/rapping skills at the level of Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tech 9, etc. with the addition of including moral messages in the verses. While the course specifically focuses on current high level rapping skills, it also focuses on both using them for a positive message and having a balanced lifestyle along with those skills. Taking into account the age ranges which are the most influenced by rap (anywhere from 5 to 25) and how it currently imbalances the lifestyle of people in those age ranges, this course would require 1 of 3 things of any person desiring to take it who is under the age of 30. 1) Either have already finished at least 3 years of collage work in a chosen field 2) Have already received their certificate from a technical school in a chosen field or 3) show periodic updates of good grades at the collage level or technical institute which they belong to if people under age 30 want to take this online course.

The online course will be based on the information in the "How to Rhyme" series. The information is current and sell-able.  Every time I have marketed these books to people in the age ranges described above they have more often than not bought the books with a 1% return rate.
How the website will make money:

  1. Enrollment in the online course.
  2. books sales which also direct readers to the online course for further training.
  3. Website traffic
  4. Third party advertising (much like video makers receive money from because the website will also have a video hosting section where students or anyone can compete with an artistic display of their skills so that conscious artists who may not necessarily be musicians can still earn money for expressing their art. The lyrical content that is encouraged is not something that necessarily has to be political but it most have moral boundaries.
  5. Marketing of IN HOUSE urban apparel.The layout of the instructional video portion of the website will be much like where teachers of a subject can sell their work through online course to students all over the world.

The Project FAQs

Am I qualified enough to teach such high level rapping skills?

Jami khabir is no novice or outdated individual when it comes to rapping skills. I have been rhyming for over 20 years now and versatile in nearly all rhyming/rapping styles that can be seen from a variety of rappers. Despite being offered a career as a song writer (ghost writer),
I have never desired to become a musician due to the numerous moral pitfalls and how financially unstable the conventional business model of a musician is. This was the reason I chose to write books on rap or create assets out of products relevant to its industry instead.  I have records of my skills for anyone desiring to see them.

What demographic is the website intended to reach?
Foremost is our African American youth who are the most negatively affected by rap music and misuse of their own poetic skills and then everyone else who is less affected by it.  Such a website also has a huge market among people who are fascinated by all things rhyme (poetry or rap) who just want to learn the skill for themselves.

Will such a website work?
If can pool teachers from around the world and help them earn money by gaining thousands of students of any skill you can type in their search engine (including rap), I believe our website can achieve a better job in this particular area.

I have sold thousands of Ebooks just by marketing to young people on social media AFTER the rush for my books slowed down from selling by themselves - with nearly no marketing on my part. Check out the reviews from them on the
There has also been several studies showing how big the instructional rap industry is. The money is in the billions. If this is any indication of the type of traffic which can be generated by such a website, the traffic alone should be able to cover the expenses . The other ways the site could earn would be secondary.