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By ProGetters

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ProGetters is a mission organization of TruthNation designed to create jobs and stimulate the economy in Black neighborhoods, effectively helping many of our people rid themselves of the plantation. Similar to UBER and Lyft, PG aims to be an app-based mobile transport service that does not just operate as a taxi (chauffer) but is also able to run errands or pick up deliveries for customers who are vehicularly challenged. After initial operations, ProGetters will expand into the realm of group and public transportation with the purchase of shuttle buses. We need backers who believe in the vision of empowering our people while ensuring that vulture companies cannot continue to infiltrate our neighborhoods taking our profits with no return on investment. ProGetters is that new option.

The Project FAQs

How will funds be used?

Funds will be used to purchase the customized ProGetters app to ensure that our company is competitive enough to survive the market place.

Funds will be used to purhcase the required insurance to ensure that our contracted chauffers and concierge specialists are properly covered as well as the business itself.

Funds will be used to market our mass hiring event, in which we target 10 consumer markets at once.

To finalize all paperwork to legimately begin.

How Would ProGetters Work?

Essentially, ProGetters will work just like any other mobile taxi company in that you will be able to select a ride and a driver through a mobile app. However, the consumer will also have the ability to enter notes for errands and pickups.