Start-Up Business Fund for Small Business

By Jet-Ski Tours & Rentals

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I am trying to purchase an existing jei-ski rental business as it has always been my dream to be self sufficient without depending upon the corporate and government sector.  I currently only need $5,000 more to make and complete the transaction and for me to move from Maryland to Florida. I need the funds before the end of the month of April since the owner has made a modified payment plan to lease to own after a 5 year period versus outright owning the company since I did not have the $150,000 down that was initially required.  The owner is REALLY REALLY bending over backwards to help me accomplish this dream for me and my kids that we have had for so long.  I literally have a timeline to get this done by April 30th, 2016. I am trying to use every possible resource I can, liquidating every possible item that I dont use, want or need.  The last job I had pretty much forced me out once they saw the mission I was on to purchase my own business and become more independant and provide a better way of life for my family.  And as always, I will be FOREVER grateful and will definitely pay it forward once I am in a better position to do so.... Thank you very kindly.