Taking It Back

By Bee's Beauty and Barber Supply

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This is a unique opportunity to support a business which combines existing business structures to create convenience for the end user and ultimately the professional customer with a variety of lines not normally carried in many beauty supply stores, along with a staff that is knowledgeable about the products. This is an industry that is still within a growth phase with substantial cash flow. Key elements for success in this business are to manage inventories effectively as trends and style preferences change, and that the business is well equipped to change along with the preferences of its customer base.  Although no business is recession proof, this is a market where health, beauty & hair care is not considered a luxury, but a necessity.

The Project FAQs

Industry Facts

  • $15 Billion Industry
  • 10,000 stores nationwide
  • 96% black customer
  • Less than 3% black store owners

We must take the black hair care industry back.