Tha Stoop

By Backalleytoonz

That Stoop: Curt's day off mini episode
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The Project FAQs

King of the Hill meets The Boondocks in a slice of life comedy that everyone can relate to.

What happens when an inner city neighborhood suddenly becomes the new trendy hotspot to live? Former crack houses and abandoned brownstones now renovated into modern styled apartments, condos and coffee shops.

This is the story of urban renewal seen through the eyes of a group of unlikely friends And gamers that have been together since childhood. Big Curt, Roy-al, Ticky, Donnie and Jamaican Pete all hustle to get their piece of the pie while dealing with multi cultural changes at their door. T-money and her girls [a clique of gorgeous female hustlers] come through on the regular and have also grown up with the guys. So no doubt when they all get together trouble is sure to follow.

Even though new people, money and problems move into the hood, some things still remain the same, like the monthly dice games on the 1st and the 15th, Friday night parties at the Brown Sugar night club and of course the age old tradition of hanging on Tha Stoop. Just like the barbershop, beauty saloon, and Vegas. What’s said on tha stoop stays on “Tha Stoop”. This includes talking stories, booty watching/rating, neighborhood gossip and playing the dozens as well as coming up with a plan to fulfill the ultimate dream of every guy on the block. The chance to get with a ghetto American princess, a Brownstone Honey. The legend says its like getting the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, graduating high school as prom king & Valedictorian, getting a green card, beating Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps in the Olympics.   

Tha Stoop has been a place to relax and bond with family [blood and extended] the steps hold dreams, keep secrets and witness birth, death, hate and love. People come and go but the tradition of Tha Stoop will always remain.