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“The Melanin Code” is a highly anticipated documentary that takes a deep dive into how people of color can organize to create generational wealth.

People of color have been globally stereotyped as lacking the ability and desire to unite economically. This has given way for the media to overlook the accomplishments of black owned businesses and how blacks are working together as one. History shows that over 300 years ago there were steps taken to divide us mentally and we want to make a conscious effort to end the insanity. The information in the film will focus on how we should practice group economics and take advantage of the $1.7 trillion we spend annually.

We will take trips throughout the country engaging with successful black business owners, economists, financial advisors and professionals who will provide insight on economic tips which includes:

- Budgeting
- Business Acumen
- Business Funding
- Business Formation
- Code of Conduct
- Financial Education
- Information Sharing

The code will also focus on mass incarceration, the historic Willie Lynch Letter - “The Making of a Slave,” along with hidden actions and keywords used to demean us. If you wonder why you don’t see many black owned businesses and you want to resolve the issue or start your own business, this film will interest you.

All other ethnic groups have a code they abide by to get things accomplished. Let’s establish ours.

Money raised through Black Crowd Funder  will be used for filming, editing, sound and travel to deliver you a high quality film.

Spread the word about The Melanin Code film. Use Facebook, Twitter and other useful communication channels to get the word out.


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