Wetu Baadaye Youth program

By Black Women With a Purpose

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Mission:To provide a space were children of African descent can be themselves while learning more about themselves.  Wetu Baadaye is built to positively impact the lives of black youth by providing adult and young adult support and learning opportunities that promote character development, develop positive self-image, and life-enhancing values through fun activities, group sessions, workshops, and community involvement.

Philosophy:By providing black youth with consistent, caring mentors and peers, they will learn life skills, learn education options, and develop core values through the exposure of community outreach and team work. Mentors/Volunteers will learn how to use teachable moments to illustrate these values.

Goals/Purpose:To help young black youth build character, love themselves, respect themselves, empower themselves, encourage each other, value themselves and know their strength, through workshops, community outreach and Fun activities. Black Women With a Purpose members will be part of a team that takes responsibility for the children attending BWWP youth program. Members will spend time teaching and sharing with youth attendees. Members and volunteers will invest their time in listening, building trust, establishing a relationship, supporting and guiding the attendees.

Program Guidelines: Wetu Baadaye will meet for 4 hours every Saturday for six week sessions. In addition to the weekly class, BWWP members and Wetu Baadaye students and parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the community garden developed by BWWP.

Performance Standards:


  • To love thyself- Teach and inform African/Black children the richness of their culture and history through fun activities, arts and crafts, and storytelling that will help them develop an appreciation, love and understanding of self.
  • To strengthen literacy- By devoting one hour to chemistry, math, reading, and African History and culture will strengthen literacy skills, performance skill, raise test scores, and give children confidence. Children will be given incentives for winning literacy games and or reaching performance goals.
  • Pride in the community- Teach children the importance of having pride in their communities, have respect for their environment, and respect their neighbors and peers by teaching the children to become active, productive citizens in their community. Wetu Baadaye children will assist in community outreach programs and the BWWP community garden.  The children will give the crops from their garden to the community showing the meaning of Umoja.